Melatonin Can Make You Groggy: 3 Alternative Sleep Supplements to Try Instead

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Melatonin has become one of the  supplements for people who  — and like , I’ve tried it out. However, the few times I’ve taken any amount of the supplement, I’ve felt groggy and “hungover” for hours the next morning. My body’s negative reaction to melatonin seems to defeat the purpose of taking it in the first place: To .

So, I decided melatonin’s not the best sleep aid for me. 

Turns out, I’m not alone.

Below, , a clinical nutritionist and co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, BBC World News Today shares the best alternatives to melatonin if you decide it’s not for you. Plus, he breaks down why melatonin can make you feel hungover — and how to prevent that effect if you choose to keep taking it. (For better sleep, also check out our rundown of the , the  and the  of the year.)

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Melatonin supplement on bedside table with an alarm clock and glass of water.Melatonin supplement on bedside table with an alarm clock and glass of water.

Melatonin takes about an hour to work and lasts for about five hours, according to Josh Axe.

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3 sleep supplements to try instead of melatonin

If you have a similar reaction to melatonin, how do you find a natural sleep aid that doesn’t make you feel groggy?

Axe recommends the following sleep supplements next time you want help catching Z’s. 

  • Adaptogenic herbs: “Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha and kava help your body cope with stress and support your nervous system. They can also lower cortisol release, which is a stress hormone that can disrupt sleep,” says Axe.
  • Magnesium: “Magnesium is an electrolyte mineral that can have calming effects and can reduce muscle tension and headaches,” he says.
  • CBD or CBN: “CBD oil, made from the hemp plant, is nonpsychoactive but has calming and pain-soothing effects,” says Axe.  that is being used in more sleep supplements since it’s the most sedative compound found in cannabis, .

Why does melatonin make me feel hungover?

that’s produced naturally in the body, and it helps tell you when to sleep and when to wake up.

Taking melatonin is thought to improve sleep because it can help your body produce more of the hormone.

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